Disability Law, Bucks County PA

What makes Nancy C. Becer, Esq. uniquely qualified to practice disability law is that she is a registered nurse for over 35 years and worked at several Pennsylvania area hospitals in critical care nursing. Doctors, nurses, fellow attorneys, and former clients make regular referrals to her because of her medical knowledge and excellent reputation.

Ms. Becer has an impressive resume of caring for the sick and advocating for the disabled. She is ready, willing, and able to discuss your disability issues and assist you with the daunting task of filing an application. She covers all the bases with you so your claim will be done right. You can expect your calls to be personally and promptly returned. She strives to understand your needs and to treat you with the empathy and respect you deserve.

Contact Nancy Becer, Esq. today to discuss your unique disability situation and learn your options.